IDEATRE Gelato Live

Small counter batch freezer for ice Cream & Gelato production


“Gelato live” Make gelato and more delicious things right in front of your customers. Let the show begin! “Three simple ideas for winning over your current and future customers.”

Make a few flavors always fresh using exclusive recipes, fruit in season, and high-quality ingredients.

Fill your gelato shop with the aroma of chocolate or fruit jam made at the same time as the gelato, stimulating the senses of your customers.

Why hide your art in the production area? Showing how artisanal gelato is made is a spectacle that intrigues and tempts! Is the most popular flavor about to finish? Add some mix right in front of your customers, and they can watch while you make fresh gelato.

“Ideatre. The modular technology that adapts to the shop’s design and to your selection.”

“The complete system for inventing, producing, and storing your products…”

“Ideatre. Discover all the advantages….”