Batch Freezer Machine


Carpigiani Labotronic RTL machines are the latest, most complete electronic batch freezers; they are able to make the work of all artisan ice cream makers much easier, because they offer different types of batch freezing to satisfy different requirements, which can change according to season, to the amount of ice cream to be produced or to specific needs.

Carpigiani LABOTRONIC RTL – H.O.D., Dynamic Control of Ice Cream Consistency. Once the preferred batch freeze cycle has been started (Excellent, Speed, Hard, etc…) and the final consistency has been chosen for the ice cream, our exclusive, patented H.O.D. system controls and automatically manages all heat exchanges, with dynamic modulation for hot and cold gas for all of the following possible combinations: 1. amount of mix, i.e. minimum, medium or maximum load. 2. type of mix, i.e. a rich dairy ice cream or a delicate fruit sorbet. 3. ice cream quality, i.e. the end product required. With Hard-O-Dynamic®, there is no change in the time, temperature or beater speed for each different ice cream, but the amount of cold needed is varied as necessary. Carpigiani LABOTRONIC RTLLCD Display During dynamic batch freezing, the display will read: 1. the name of the selected programme. 2. the actual consistency, which changes as the mix thickens. 3. a bar chart, which increases along with the consistency of the ice cream. 4. the final consistency, which can be easily changed throughout the cycle. Hard-O-Dynamic® Post Cooling This is a very useful feature on the larger models and serves to re-activate cooling while the ice cream is being extracted, which helps to maintain consistency, even for the ice cream that leaves the machine last. Monolithic Cylinder

Power | kW3,85,27,27,210,8
Condenser | –Water **Water **Water **Air **Water **
Net weight | Kg230270320380415
Electric Power | Volt400*400*400*400*400*
Electric Power | Hz50*50*50*50*50*
Electric Power | Ph33333
Qty per batch | Mix used(kg) – Min.1,52,5335
Qty per batch | Mix used(kg) – Max57,510,510,516,5
Qty per batch | Gelato Produced liters – Min.23,5447
Qty per batch | Gelato Produced liters – Max710,5151523
Gelato – Qty per Hour | Mix used(kg) – Min.1015202030
Gelato – Qty per Hour | Mix used(kg) – Max30456060100
Gelato – Qty per Hour | Gelato Produced liters – Min.1221282842
Gelato – Qty per Hour | Gelato Produced liters – Max42639090138
Cremolata | Qty per cycle (kg)46,59912
Motor speed for beater | no.22222
Dimensions at the base W x D | cm50 x 6550 x 6550 x 6560 x 8560 x 85
Dimensions H | cm140140140140140
* Other voltages and cycles are available with additional charge ** Air-cooled versions available with additional charge. The amount per freeze and the hourly production rate vary according to the mixes used; the “Max” values refer to the classic Italian gelato that can be served with a spatula. Production rates refer to an ambient temperature of 25°C and a water temperature of 20°C in the condenser.