Kaleido Cabinet

Gelato / Ice Cream / Pastry



The Kaleido is the new professional gelato ice cream display cabinet that’s characterized by ventilated refrigeration and dual airflow, for perfect temperature equalization, and comes equipped with an automatic reverse-cycle defrost system. The model features a modern and attractive design, and is internally lit by a triple-LED lighting strip.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]All of the technical features of the Kaleido display cabinet – ice cream parlour model are listed below:

  • Monolithic casing insulated in ecological 60 mm thick CO2-blown polyurethane foam (HCFC and HFC free).
  • Ice cream display surface inclined at 11°, in order to allow for a more ample view of the product.
  • Work surface in Corian, with a rear operator-side panel in epoxy powder coated carbon steel.
  • Heated, double-pane insulated front glass panel, which can be opened in an upward direction with the help of a gas-spring mechanism.
  • Aesthetic side elements in laminated material, lacquered on the underside, with heated double-pane insulated glass on the upper portions.
  • Self-coiling insulated shutter on the operator side compartment.
  • Base structure in epoxy powder coated carbon steel, fitted with adjustable support feet or casters (optional).
  • Control panel with an electronic control unit, located on the rear operator-side protective panel.
  • Temperature adjustment from -20°C to +2°C.
  • Digital thermometer positioned on the inside of the basin.
  • Climate Class: 4+ (35°C; / 70 RH).