SuperShow PAS cabinet


Thanks to the complete transparency of its glass support structure, the PASTRYSUPERSHOW pastry display cabinet represents the perfect way to exalt the food appeal of the displayed products. This model represents the evolution of the PastryShow model, which has gained immense popularity amongst pastry shops worldwide. With this unit, in fact, ISA has focused upon maximizing the already salient features offered by the previous version: this has given rise to the PastrySuperShow model. Available in three different heights (117, 135 and 150 cm), this pastry display cabinet represents a true stage upon which any artisanal pastry product can be brought to life!

Some of the unit’s main technical characteristics are listed below:

  • Ventilated refrigeration with a finned evaporator;
  • Monolithic casing insulated in ecological 60 mm thick CO2-blown polyurethane foam (HCFC and HFC free).
  • Inclined display surface, made from polished AISI 304 18/10 stainless steel;
  • Operator-side panel in epoxy powder coated carbon steel and work surface in polished AISI 304 18/10 stainless steel, with an external basin base in pre-varnished sheet steel.
  • Frontal downward-opening tempered glass pane;
  • Glass top with an overhead fluorescent lighting fixture in anodized aluminium with chrome painting;
  • Shelves with electronic fluorescent lighting and overhead lighting fixtures in anodized aluminium with chrome painting;
  • Support structure and base in epoxy powder coated carbon steel, with adjustable support feet;
  • Operator-side control panel, electronic control unit with HACCP control and digital thermometer inside the basin.