Tekna R 32 Pastry Cabinet

Tekna R 32


Tekna R 32

The “R” line cabinets oer the best visibility to the product; this is possible thanks to the special design of rotating shelves; they can show till 52 cakes.

It’s available in two dierent versions, R26 for cakes with diameter 26 cm and R32 for cakes with diameter 32 cm.

The possibility to have positive and negative storage temperatures, 1 or 2 doors from 76 cm to 178 cm length, makes it the perfect showcase for anyone searching for the unbeatable eect in the shop.


All the showcases of the R line are equipped with automatic defrost: electric for the positive series , hot gas for the negative series. Depending on the model ,the glasses are made of 2 or 3 plates with inert gas compartments for ensuring the best thermic isolation.

The proper and uniform conservation is guarantee by No-Frost system.

When the door is open, fans and rotating shelves stop, so it’s easy to load and unload the cabinet avoiding warm air inside it.

ModelNO FROSTSTATICTempMotorKWLtKgW cmD cmH cm
R 32 P+10/+210.287701609090193
R 32NFP +10/-510.427701709090193
R 32NFN +5/-2510.557701809090193